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MOD: Posting Format [Oct. 20th, 2006|02:03 am]
Cake or Death?


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The following is a template only. Feel free to use as is, or add to it if you need to. However, this is all information that is required (listed here), so please do not take away from it.

[Fandom; Claim; Theme Title & Number] Title

[Yu-Gi-Oh!; Seto/Anzu/Mokuba; Death, #2] Elemental Evil

Title: (title of fic)
Author: (your username)
Fandom: (fandom of your fic)
Claim: (claim, and type)
Ratings & Warnings: (rate the fic, and add any necessary warnings)
Disclaimer: (disclaimer of somesort saying that you don't own)

Title: Elemental Evil
Author: praiseofshadows & zarathustra
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Claim: Seto/Anzu/Mokuba, threesome
Ratings & Warnings: NC-17, drug useage
Disclaimer: We do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or it's characters.

It isn't nessesary, but it would be very helpful if you would tag your entries by fandom, claim;type, and your username.

yu-gi-oh!, seto/anzu/mokuba;threesome, praiseofshadows, edincoat

If you do not tag your entries, don't worry, a mod will see to it when she archives the post in the memories.