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13_cakepieces's Journal

Cake or Death?
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Welcome to 13_cakepieces, yet another claims community in the LiveJournal miasma.

The object of this community is the same as all the others: Claim something, be it a character or a pairing, a threesome or just the general fandom, and then write fan fiction or draw artwork for a list of themes.

We have three theme sets, the option of having up to three claims, and a general laid back attitude concerning everything from properly labeled squick-content to joint claims.

(!) Everything is accepted here, be it heterosexuality or homosexuality, incest or biscuit-fetish drabbles. If you want to write it, you are welcome to do so. Our only requirement is that you label the stuff that might annoy others, like fluff and excessive angst. No need to offend the readers.

(!) All entries to this community are archived via memories and/or tags by the moderators. Feel free to browse, if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

(!) Biscuit-fetish fic is encouraged.

(!) If you have a question, please post it on the FAQ. Pestering the mods at their personal journals will only have the end result of us pointing and laughing. And the biscuit-fetich fic will laugh at you too. (wouldn't want that, now, would you?)

Affiliates are: 15pairings & 30sexyfics.
Want to affiliate with 13_cakepieces? Drop a comment on the FAQ post, and we'll put you here ♥

Header image & icon is made by zarathustra, and is from something called Take 2. Isn't it lovely?